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Creating Mask Waveform in DDS (like PWL)

Question asked by on Mar 25, 2007
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after importing some measured data (Oscilloscop trace) I need to mask some time intervalls from the original data.
Therefore I would like to create a mask waveform. E. g. I would like to have the mask waveform always 1, just from 10 to 20 and from 30 to 50ns I would like to have it 0.
Is have done it so far manually (by creating 20 if statements which could be nested), and I think there are solutions to do it by AEL, Simulation of a PWL, or HPVEE, but I thought this must be posssible in the DDS with just a single statemetn too.
So I created a variable Start_Mask=(10,30) and End_Mask(20,50) and tried create my waveorm by a single if statement:
Mask=if (indep(Mask_1) > Start_Mask AND indep(Mask_1) < End_Mask))then 0 else Line_1
where Line_1 was just a trace with Level 1.

This is working when just using a single part from Start_Mask and End_Mask (e. g. Start_Mask[0] ), and not even giving an error when using the equation mentioned above, but the result is only the original Line_1 ...

Any ideas how to solve the issue ?

thanks and regards