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RE: Probe FED Antenna How?

Question asked by 000EA65A6A12 on Oct 31, 2008
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RE: Probe FED Antenna How?

I have a multilayer probe-fed design at < 3 GHz.
Substrate is defined as:

Free Space
- - - - - strip cond
Sub1   Via pcvia1
- - - - - SLOT-hole
Sub2   Via pcvia1
- - - - - strip cond2
Free Space_0

Sub1 and sub2: e=10,2 ; H=2,54 mm.
Cond and cond2 has microstrip w=2,33 mm (50 ohm)90 degrees located under a corner. In the center of the common square are located hole and via.

Results of calculation have shown: a difference of phases S (1, 2) on frequencies 2,2 GHz and 2,4 GHz makes 13,9 degrees.

Two question:
1. Whether it is impossible this a difference of phases to reduce by introduction in layers additional elements, for example a piece of a coaxial cable and how it to make?
2. How to create between Sub1 and Sub2 an additional layer conductor thickness of T with hole?