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custom footprints, linking footprints to models

Question asked by GHOPKINS on Jul 31, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2008 by GHOPKINS
Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions about custom footprints. If any of the answers are in a tutorial somewhere, please let me know.

1. I'm creating a footprint for a device that isn't already in the library. I've drawn it out in the layout window but I'm not sure how to group it together to make it a component. After I add ports to the footprint, what are the steps for grouping and adding to the custom library?

2. After I create a footprint, how can I link it to a simulation model? Specifically, I want to use the generic "Attenuator" block in my simulation, but when I perform my layout, I want the custom footprint I defined to appear, rather than the generic attenuator footprint.