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Sweep Data File Names for Measured vs. Simulated

Question asked by fcolomb on Apr 8, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2008 by nilesh1
I'm trying to compare measured data and ADS simulation.  The measured data consists S-parameters in Touchstone format and I have data for several identical devices.  In order to compare measurement to simulation and to capture the natural variation between measurements I would like to plot all the measured files efficiently by using a parameter sweep or something like that.  I've tried creating an array containing the file names and sweeping an index but I'm running into problems.  The procedure I'm familier with from ADS loadpull using the list() function doesn't seem to work the same way with string variables.  I also tried the makearray() function without success.  Please do you have any advice or an example showing how to do this?
BTW I'm using ADS2005A.