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ael code (e. g. get_sim_time) not working

Question asked by on Apr 2, 2008

i had used several (unsupported) ael code samples in the past (e.g. get_sim_time, SimulatorVersion, ..). I did not take care about it in the last time, seeing that i got some warnings about this functions as I still had them in the schematics. I expected, that this happened as i did not load them explicit in the update versions of ADS2006. Now with ADS2008 I tried to reactivate the functions.
First Problem was, that the "user_defined_fun.ael" was not loaded automatically ... Wasn't this done in the past ?

I can load the functions manually (not getting any warning/error and .atf file created) but they still do not work ....
Warning message:
"unable do resolve variable(s) or function(s) in expression  ...."

Was there any change so that this functions would not work any more ?
Or any idea what I'm missing or how to debug this ?

thanks for any feedback !