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Client Server installation

Question asked by on Apr 2, 2008
I was looking for some more information on the client/Server type installation of ADS, but could only find how to do it, but not, what it exactly means. So I would have some questions ..

So far I used the remote sim feature to run a Simulation from one full install on another machine.
First question: Which machines are requiring which licenses in this configuration ?
Does one of this techniques(remote sim vs. client server sim) has advantages in case of a slow Network connection (e. g. the remote sim is fine, but when big .ds files are created this takes VERY long...) ?
What is the major difference between this two things ?

Now I'm thinking to replace this setup with a client / Server installation, so I'm looking for the differences ...
In Client/Server config I expect all licenses to be requested/required from the Server machine. Correct ?
It seems, that the projects are still local on the client. So it means there is still no chance to access the same project from two clients. Correct ?
Is there any other chance to access one project from different machines using separate licenses ?
I guess this would always result in inconsitent databases, as ADS does not have any project management to allow such Team work accesses. Correct ?

Currently I do have a full install on my system. Can I re-configure it to act as a client System ?
Can I have a second installation to have a full and a client install in parallel ?
Do I have to uninstall the full install to check out the client/server install ?

I realize these are a lot of questions ... maybe I should have directly opened a support call ...

Thanks for any hints