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Difference between schematic/momentum results

Question asked by geis2201 on Jul 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2008 by germatron

I'm currently designing a microstrip half-wavelength coupled line passband filter at 37 GHz.

My theoretical design produces beautiful results in ADS' schematic simulator, but when I do a Momentum full-wave simulation on the same circuit, the results are quite different.

Now I know they're not supposed to be the same, and Momentum's results do resemble a passband, but my S-parameters can be off by as much as 5dB to 10dB which makes it extremely difficult to tune. I simply wasn't expecting such a huge difference.

Is this normal? If it isn't, could anybody tell me if there are certain parameters to be optimized so that the simulation results are more coherent with eachother?

Thank you.