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ports and gnd ref in RFDE Momentum

Question asked by PEOL on Oct 31, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2006 by ALEPEREZ

I am simulating the differential output from a circuit and I want to simulate the effects of the lines from the circuit output to the bond pads in RFDE Momentum. For some reason there is a gnd metal plane under the two lines and I wonder how I should set up the simulation.

In ADS Momentum you can define a port as gnd ref, is the same accomplished by adding cadence pins on each line and another set of pins on the gnd plane and then make a port of them by using POS and NEG in the "Add Port" setup in RFDE?

Example (I consider only one side of one line):
On the line edge I define a cadence pin "in_p"
On the gnd plane below I define a cadence pin "in_p_gnd"
If I in the Add Port setup define a port "input_p" with "in_p" as POS and in_p_gnd" as NEG, would this be correct?