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Order to process measurement equation in schematic

Question asked by on Aug 10, 2007
I'm using MeasurementEqueations and and the Write_var function to write a lot of data directly out of a transient simulation schematic. To do some strucuring I use a String that describes the simulation conditions. I use this string to define the filenames to write out, but also to create a directory by "mkdir" where the files are written. But somehow the directory needs to be created before the files are exported  
Usually it works (for whatever reason), but sometimes the Write_var function fails with the message, that the file name would be invalid. After the simulation is finished the directory is created. Running the same simulation againg the data export with Write_var works. Therefore I think that in the first run the direcory was created AFTER ADS tried to run the write_var. In the second run the directory was already there from the beginning, so write_var could work.

So my question is: Can I define in which order der measurement equations in a schematic are executed ?

Or do/understand I something completely wrong?

thanks for any feedback