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What options do I have to export data through AEL?

Question asked by PrizmP on Apr 26, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2007 by wrivas

I'm trying to export many different dataset (specifically S-parameters) to text files through AEL similarly to the way the "Data File Tool" or the "File > Export" of the data display window does. As stated in a previous post, I know that the function de_dftool() pops up the DFTool window but since it’s not documented, I’m not sure if it accepts parameters for an automated process. Neither if there is a function for the data window export function.

Can I use de_dftool() or is there any other way to automate the export process of S-parameters or datasets?

If not, is there anyone who knows the internal structure of a .ds file so I could directly read it and extract the relevant data?

R. Labedan