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ADS 2005A: Win XP Pro vs Linux RH8

Question asked by SAABERICSSON on Dec 14, 2005
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2006 by glcr
We have the possibility to install ADS 2005A either under Win XP Pro SP2 or under Linux RH8 on a standard Dell GX280 P4 PC, having 3 GB of RAM. The PC is connected to our LAN, which have access to the floating licenses (running on a Win 2003 Server).

I understand the 3 GB RAM in the Dell is best utilized if we install ADS 2005A under RH8 on this PC, as only 2 GB may be utilized under Win XP Pro. Please confirm.

Will there be any difference in e.g. speed performance between these two installations on an identical hardware, except for the increased memory benefits in RH8? Have Agilent performed any benchmarks comparing ADS 2005A under Windows XP Pro vs RH8?

We are well aware of migrating into a x64 platform will give improved performance. But the questions above applies for our existing, in-house 32-bit hardware and OS's.