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Changing compression point in Amplifier2

Question asked by LOUZINK on Jun 13, 2005
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2005 by LOUZINK

I am running a simple simulation with the Amplifier2 model.  It has a 50 ohm single frequency source and and a 50 ohm output.  I am running an HB simulation and would like to have the GainCompPower term change as a function of frequency that utilizes the "freq" variable.  I have tried using equations like pwl(freq,...) and cpt = f(freq) and also tried reading data from a DAC to no avail.

The simulation always wants to grab the low frequency (1 MHz) point and use that in the harmonic balance as if it were at another frequency.  It does not want to use the GainCompPower term given for any given frequency.

Also, it does appear to work fine if I set
S21 = f(freq).  The correct gain is sent to Amplifier2.  This is not the case for GainCompPower.

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