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Meshing Density: what is really required?

Question asked by AGLATFELTER on May 29, 2003
Latest reply on May 30, 2003 by ALEPEREZ
I'm simulating a large PCB (~2in x 0.5in) with many ports (44).  It consists of a microstrip circuit and a large ground plane the size of the PCB.  The circuit is the PCB for a band pass filter with a half octave bandwidth.

This thing take a long time to mesh and simulate.

So my question is, observing that increasing mesh densities only increase accuracy by ever smaller amounts, while increasing the computation time exponentially, what level of meshing density in cells/wavelength that will generally good results without going overboard on the computation time.

Also, if you compute the mesh at (for example) 4 GHz, can the S-parameter simulation be extended to higher frequencies (say 6GHz) without too much error?