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em/circuit cosimulation basic doubts

Question asked by VADIVEL on Jun 9, 2005
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2005 by ALEPEREZ
 I am relatively new to ADS and i am doing em/circuit cosimulation in ADS. But i have questions about it. I am currently designing an filter module in a transmitter operating between 500Mhz to 1 Ghz. I have developed the schematic with vendor components for capacitors, resistors and inductors. Now i need to convert it into a loyout and add traces. generate a momentum component and use that in the schematic.

1.i would like to know whether there are any rules for determining the traces connecting the components.

2.I heard that we need to use 50ohm lines to connect the components. But if that is true, then what should the dimensions of the TEE joints in the layout be. (we can ofcourse determine the MLIN dimensions using line calc. what about the joints in the layout) do i determine the dimensions of the SMT pads to be used in the layout. or would it matter if i use the default SMT pad dimensions provided by the ADS

thanks in advance for your help.