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VCO - Frequency discrepancy in HB and Transient

Question asked by wdebski on May 26, 2005
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2005 by vborich
I desingn a RFIC VCO. The integrated inductor is represented by a touchstone file. The VCO schould work at 10GHz. To simulate the tunning range and the phase noise I use HB.
If I perform the Transient simulation on the same circuit the oscilating frequency is arround 2GHz lower than in the HB. What could be a possible reson for such big discrepancy ?
I tried to check the simulations for lower frequencies and if I decrease the oscilation frequency the results are colser. When I build the oscilator working at arround 2GHz the results from Transient and HB are the same.