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How to easily refer to mosfets DC Operating Point?

Question asked by FRADEP_eesof on Mar 12, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2006 by FRADEP_eesof
Dear All,
I have a problem in the extraction of DC Operating Point Informations of mosfets. The issue is that, when multiple devices are present in a schematic, the DC parameters are actually vectors, so to see, let's say, the Gm of a device I have to write Gm[0], Gm[1] etc.
I noted that the match device-position in the array changes if a device is added in the schematic, and finding the index corresponding to the desired one can be difficult. My question is:
is there some way to refer to a mosfet by using his name (e.g. Gm[mosfet1], Vth[mosfet2] etc.)???

Thanks a lot for your help