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no Zo even with Single Port

Question asked by SINTOX on Apr 28, 2003
Latest reply on May 28, 2003 by mfredrik
In the KnowledgeBase, it was said:
"Momentum calculates Z0 when you are using Single Ports. But it's not calculated when using Internal Ports. Here is one example on how to find Zo by optimization."

Well, I generated a CPW layout from ADS's CPW. Then added P1 and P2 as single ports to the middle strip (P1 and P2: Single, 50+j0 Ohm, Reference=0).

Then I ran MoM-Simulation Adaptive mode. The .ds file is then displayed in data_display.

Where is Zo? I could not find the calculated Zo anywhere. (Performing an optim in schem. would be an alternatie).

I appreciate anyone's comments on this.