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Using Verilog-A in design kit

Question asked by pmr_ads on Mar 3, 2006
I want to use Verilog-A file (model of SRD diode) in design kit. Up to this time I created design kit that is the same like in the design kit manual (Ch. 3, ADS Design Kit Tutorial). Now, I would like to exchange ael file (dk_proj/circuit/ael) for va file or other compiled form of this file (e.g. CML, or other that I don’t know at present).

The question is:
what are general steps (just to have an overview),
what a file format do I have to use (I read about CML),
can I use directly a verilog file in design kit in order of  editing this file whenever it is necessary,
what other changes are needed in other files (I read sth about hpeesofism.cfg)
are there any other files I need to creat in order to use Varilog-A model.

I read the “Verilog-A in ADS Design Kit†