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ADS dynamic link to 89601A &nbspVector Signal Analyzer

Question asked by glcr Employee on Mar 7, 2003
If an EEsof ADS user wants to use the ADS dynamic link to the 89601A Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) software, there is nothing specific within ADS that they must do, other than be running Ptolemy system simulator, (for which one requires a valid Ptolemy license.)  

And of course one must connect the 89600_VSA icon on one's schematic page.  ::)

For ADS 2002 (spring 2002) and prior releases, the user also had to select and install the module "Agilent 89600 VSA link" from the ADS install disk.  

For ADS 2002C (current release from autumn 2002) and subsequent releases, the link is included with the main simulator module.  The user does *not* need to select any special item during ADS installation.  ;D

The 89601A runs on PC only, so the ADS linkage is also PC only.  


The user must have a valid license for the 89601A VSA software option 105 (ADS dynamic link -- the 14 day demo license includes this.)  Note this option 105 license is part of the 89601A software licensing, not part of ADS licensing.  

On the 89601A VSA software installation menu, about the fifth selection down the list...

"Install ADS Add-on Package" must be selected and performed.  

That's it, you're up and running.