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REFNET terminations

Question asked by MIKAELGARCIA on Feb 7, 2003
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2003 by MIKAELGARCIA
In Libra we very often used the REFNET component for S-parameter simulations of various circuits. This allowed us to set the reference impedance to the impedance of a circuit rather than a value, e.g. 50 ohm. In ADS there is no REFNET component at this time to my knowledge. However, is there a (tricky?) way to perform the same type of simulations using a workaround? Any ideas are welcome on this topic. I have tried to use a dataset together with an expression for the impedance in the ADS TERM component. It works fine as long as the termination impedance has a positive real part. But what to do if this is not the case?  :-/