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Question asked by scottnla on Feb 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2013 by alex.forencich
Hey all,

I am an avid python scripter, and was wondering how I could connect/log data from an oscilloscope (I'm looking at the DSOX2004A) using Python.  I'm open to using USB or Ethernet (I actually slightly prefer ethernet so I can talk to multiple devices simultaneously), but its unclear to me what the easiest way to get going is.

I've seen a few people post code, but I'd really like to have a more clear idea about what the general structure is of how to interface with the scope than simply the code to perform a specific task.  I'm used to talking to arduinos over serial, but am not sure what I'm supposed to do with an oscilloscope to talk to it.  Do I need PyVISA?  Can it be done over a serial/usb connection?

any help would be greatly appreciated,

nathan lachenmyer