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MATLAB Example for Using Segmented Memory for Averaging

Question asked by jschuch on Jul 7, 2009
MATLAB is a software environment  and programming language that can be used to analyze and visualize live or acquired oscilloscope signals, make application-specific measurements, create and apply your own filters and equalization methods, and automate tests.

The following MATLAB file will control an Infiniium oscilloscope and capture N segments of data and then average each of those segments together. The user can customize the code to allow for different segment counts, segment sizes, sample rates, etc.  MATLAB will average the segments together before displaying the final averaged waveform in MATLAB.  The user can also uncomment two lines in the code (which are specified) in order to have the averaged plot be displayed as segments are being processed.

You can also immediately download this example on the MATLAB Central File Exchange at: ... ange/24728