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variables used under optimization

Question asked by PMOREL on Dec 8, 2004
Hi everybody,

I have issues concerning optimization (under ADS2003C) :
I am trying to optimize a heavy project with several optimization variables ( at least 15 ! ). I made a gradient optimization without any problem : it gave me a local minimum.
But when I tried random optimization (to get out of this supposed local minimum), it managed to find one better point (iteration #5), another better point (iteration #11) and then it "crashed" : the simulator could not converge anymore.
I know ADS gives the current best values for the parameters but is there a way to know what were the values used by ADS at this point and that made it crashed (to limit their allowed variation in the future)? I couldn't see any option in the optimization component...???

In fact I had the same "crash" after with gradient optimization but I had the same issue : I couldn't found which was the "crashing parameter" !

I have another question (still optimization...) because I had the following problem using minimax optimizer : it made the first 2 steps (iteration #0 and #1) normally, then it crashed calculating the following step after a long, long time (the same heavy project with a lot of variables ...) without any message (no error message and no "zero gradient reached" message) and I am pretty sure that it didn't reach the maximum iteration value (which was set to 1000 !!). In fact it was as if I hadn't asked anything, it just stopped. :o
Does anyone has any clue ?

Thanks for helping,