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Simulation Error in ADS

Question asked by wmlads on Oct 20, 2005
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2005 by nacim1

I'm trying to use RFIC Dynamic Link for BiCMOS 8HP IBM design kit.  I believe that I've installed both ADS and Cadence design kits correctly, as I've run simulation in Cadence using the design library and I can see the IBM 8HP File Include symbol in IBM_BICMOS8HP pallete and I've placed it in the schematic.  I included an instance of a Cadence schematic in ADS and tried to run a simulation.  However, the simulation failed and I got this error:

Error detected by HPEESOFSIM in loading Verilog-A device.
  '#load' command failed to find '/afs/btv/data/ams/kit_test/IBM_PDK/bicmos8hp/V1.0.1.0/ADS/circuit/models/' in the simulator's model search path.
Error detected by HPEESOFSIM during netlist parsing.
   cpp: line 140, Error: #load "veriloga" command failed -- see previous #load error message
#load "veriloga","/afs/btv/data/ams/kit_test/IBM_PDK/bicmos8hp/V1.0.1.0/ADS/circuit/models/"
line 23:
#include "/home/thaque/DesignKits_ADS/IBM_PDK/bicmos8hp/V1.0.1.0/ADS/circuit/models/"

What file this error is refering to?  What files does ADS access when simulating? It says line 140; what file is that? Now, I know for sure that something is wrong with the path because I don't have /afs/btv/data/ams/kit_test path chain on my system and I think this is an 'example' path that's provided by IBM with the design kit documentation and example files.  

I've checked all the files that were copied or created to install the design kit and I've been unable to to find this path any where.  Every where I seem to have the right path /home/thaque/DesignKits_ADS/IBM_PDK/bicmos8hp/V1.0.1.0/ADS.  Actually, under ..circuit/models/ there is a ADSsim.include file and that has /afs/btv/data/ams/kit_test path but as far as I understand ADSsim.include is for RFDE only, which I'm not using.  Could you please tell me where to look for a file or variable that is accessed by ADS during simulation that might contain the wrong path. I looked at the HPEESOFSIM file under $HPEESOF_DIR folder and didnt' see the wrong path.  Any suggestion will be much appreciated.  Thank you