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Simulation Basics for a new ADS user

Question asked by abdulla_so on Nov 23, 2004
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2004 by mfredrik
Hello Dear All,

I am a undergrad student. I am learning ADS as part of my project. First of all, i am extremely new to ADS. I am designing BJT circuit for my project. I have a few questions in terms of simulations.

Q1. Before, I was simulating BJT circuits using AC simulation command. First of all, I was making the start frequency to be 1Hz and Stop frequency at 1MHz, so ofcourse there was a frequency sweep, so the simulation results were showing decaying sine wave or some thing strange. But then i put AC frequency start and stop values to be same, then the waves were pure sinewave.
So in terms of BJT transistors, What simulation commands should i use. Actually my input signal is Current with respect to time. And the output is a voltage signal with respect to time.

Q2. To measure currents within a circuit, some one told me to use a Current Probe. Does it actually measure currents and if i measure current at two points. Lets say, a current at point1, I call it i1 and current at point 2, call it i2. How can i get a graph after simulation which shows (ic1-ic2) with respect to time?

Thanks Alot. I really would appreciate help in this. I really need some ADS help

S A Waheed