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Build a Component out of a hierarchy

Question asked by ALBUSMW on Nov 16, 2004
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2005 by mfredrik

I am not sure if I can ask the question in a correct way, but I try:

I have a scematic with 2 ports and some components (voltage source,
resistors, ...).
I have also defined design parameters and artwork for this scematic, so if
I place this scematic as hierarchical model, I have the artwork and the
design parameters on my top-layer scematic.

I now want to include this sub-scematic into the standard component library, meaning:

- in the component library list, I want to have an additional group for my
- i want to have the component in the list below as small "icon" to place
- i want to get ride of the hierarchical model, meaning that the component shall be displayed "flat" in the main ADS window.

I hope that the question is clear ... ???

Hope for a answer,