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Placement of ADS Version Info. in Data Display

Question asked by TNAKA on Oct 18, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2006 by TNAKA

I would like to insert the version informations of ADS in data display window.

My wish is that not only major version(2005A) but also sub version(420) are saved as data set every time I simulate.

Simulation Status Window shows the following message.
hpeesofsim (*) 2005A.420 Sep  3 2006 (built: 09/03/06 17:44:13)

Is there any command for getting such information ?

Can I do this with Combination of AEL and Unix command ?

Cadence Spectre have command options giving Spectre's version like following.

hoge [22] heppoko:spectre -V
@(#)$CDS: spectre  version 6.0.2 01/13/2006 12:13 (nsdcmsol_1) $

hoge [23] heppoko:spectre -W

With combination of unix command and skill language, I can create function which returns version infomation of Spectre.

But I can't find such options for "hpeesofssim".