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Why does ADS's Dataset File exhaust large memory ?

Question asked by TNAKA on Oct 6, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2006 by FKUSIDLO

I noticed that ADS's Data Set File exhausts very large memory.

I have binary data file which is composed of signed 16bits integer pairs(I and Q).  
Includeded I/Q are 1638350 points.
So original binary file size is
(2+2)*1638350=6553400 bytes(about 6Mbytes)

Then I converted this binary file to generic MDIF(ascii) like followings.

% index(int) idata(int) qdata(int)

Size of Generic MDIF is more than 23Mbytes.
I can understand this size of Generic MDIF.

Next I converted this Generic MDIF to ADS's Data Set File.
To my suprise, resultant Dataset File is more than 130Mbytes.

Why does ADS's Dataset File exhaust such large memory although it is binary format ?