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Budget functions in schematic

Question asked by WSTR on Oct 28, 2004
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2004 by WSTR
I am trying to get a budget analysis based on the examples in:
Well my problem is that Budget121.dsn the funcitions bud_tn and bud_nf are not working. Even thought the original data sets includes the right data which can be displayed. Running the simulation myself I get the message: operand: wrong type of parameter.
I just don't get it >:(
Finally I used the function as described in the documentation. But the there is the old nonsense sorting of the values. I will not work with prefixes to fix it. I will not wait for the ADS2004 version either.
I need the functions which are working with the budget_path in ADS2003C just as it is written in the examples.

Thank you for any hint. Best regards Wolfram