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Node-Locked and Floating Licenses

Question asked by Anurag007 Employee on Oct 4, 2004
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2004 by jaymckee
I installed ADS 2003A on the WinXP, SP1 PC. My licneses were in two parts some of the modules are Node-Locked and some Floating. I configured the licenses correctly as described and I was able to get access to all the modules, Node Locked as well as Floating.
I installed ADS2003C when I got that as update and configured the licenses and I was getting all the licenses required. So, I thought to uninstall ADS2003A, after that ADS2003C has stopped access to the Floating licenses, I am amazed how this can happen, I checked Environment variable etc and everything is correct.
Mind you I am using 2 different license files one for Node Locked and one for floating and both are present in Licenses folder of ADS installation directory.
Any thoughts, why could happen.
Will reinstalling for ADS2003C will help????