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WLAN 802.11b RAKE Receiver doubt

Question asked by abhimanyus on Jun 15, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2006 by CN555808
We are studying 802.11b transmission. We have a simple chain consisting of a transmitter WLAN_11bCCK_RF, a channel model WLAN_ChannelModel which we have parametrized as Type A, and a RAKE Receiver WLAN_CCK_RF_Rx_Rake. However, this RAKE Receiver is unable to correct for the multi-path effect.
We have set the SampPerChip is set to 8, which means a SymbolRate of 88 MHz (as specified in the transmitter block). The time for a chip is then 8/88MHz ~ 90 ns. However the delays of channel type A are 10,20,30 etc which are lesser than the time duration of a chip. What we thought was that the RAKE cannot distinguish between the delayed paths as the delay as smaller than the chip time- is our reasoning flawed, and if so, where?

Thanks in advance.