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.measure equivalent in hpeesofsim

Question asked by nkohagen on Jul 14, 2005
I have an HSpice netlist,,
and I want to use it with the ADS simulator,
so I translated it to using the
following command:
nettrans -h -g

ADS does not support the HSpice command
".measure". I've successfully created
equations in a Data Display in the gui
for ADS 2004A, but have not found
equivalent expressions that can
be embedded in the ADS netlist
for processing with the simulator hpeesofsim.

The HSpice commands I'm trying to find the
equivalent for in hpeesofsim are:

.measure ac DCGAIN max vdb(out)
.measure ac UGBW when vdb(out)=0.0

In HSpice the solutions are written to
the file diffop.ma0

Also, in HSpice the MOSFET operating points
are written to standard output which
is commonly redirected to a .lis file.
How do I write the MOSFET operating points
to a file with the hpeesofsim simulator?

Thank you.