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sweeping the initial guess file in HB

Question asked by DCARUTH on Aug 20, 2003
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2003 by mfredrik
Hello.  I'm trying to fit a non-linear model to scalar harmonic output power data using an optimization with harmonic balance.  I am fitting the model across a range of bias points and input rf power levels and would like to be able to sweep the name of the initial solution file referenced by the HB simulation component (a.k.a. "InFile").  I've tried messing around with DACs to pull the string name of this file from a CITIfile or discrete MDIF file, but had no luck.  

I guess my ideal solution would be if you use the OutFile feature of the HB component to generate the initial guesses at each bias point, rather than just the last bias point.  Then, the optimization could be run and access the different initial guesses for each bias point, dramatically decreasing the fitting time (I hope.)

I've already been using the NodeSet component to guess the DC solution more quickly, but am unable to do the same with the frequency-dependendent harmonic voltages.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Also, is there any way to talk to an Agilent code developer to suggest adding this capability to the next release?  

Thanks very much.