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Combine/Import s2p files into a 7-port network

Question asked by LMOELL on May 22, 2007
Latest reply on May 31, 2007 by MZachmann
I am trying to simulate a DF-antenna system which uses a 7-port network (4 inputs and 3 outputs). The network is already built and measured with a network analyzer (using 201 measurement points). Before starting the teadious work of assembling the 2-port files from my measurement into 7-port device for simulation, what are the limitations of a s7p-file?? I am likely to have to break up the lines when setting up the matrix. Information in the manuals  are not really that intuitive (i.e. for me at least::) ) I would love to see how a typical SXp net would look like with line breaks and freq notation.

Or do Eagleware support a better (smarter, simpler) way of realizing this S7p net from my two-port measurements?