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How to stop Genesys during MFILTER operation

Question asked by jross on Jul 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2010 by jross
I'm running 2009.04 SP1 and I'm having a few issues with the filter synthesis modules.

I've been using 2004.07 up until recently as I preferred it to the new version and this is my first go at designing a filter under 2009.

I'm finding that the synthesis tool seems to work for a few parameter changes then it starts to get slow and unresponsive. When this happens it shows up problems.
eg it reports that all synthesis is up to date despite me making changes to the filter design. The S21 and S11 plots don't change and they don't report 'Old Data' This is obviously not right.

Eventually it appears to ignore any user edits, eg I can't update the filter order or cutoff. If I try and quit it gives a messagebox

"An analysis or Evaluation is running. You must wait for them to complete or stop them before closing the workspace"

I've tried waiting.... and waiting... and I've also tried to find a way of 'stopping' but can find nothing in the menus. I've tried pressing escape. The word 'stop' isn't in the help index.

It's done this in the passive filter synthesis and also MFILTER. I don't think I'm entering any illegal or impossible values into the filter design tool text boxes. I'm not using the optimiser.

I can only exit Genesys using CTRL ALT DEL and the task manager.

Genesys is installed on my C drive but the 'my documents' folderis on a remote drive via a network. Could genesys be trying (and failing?) to find the mydocs folder during MFILTER operation and slowly digging itself into a hole?