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Modeling a directional coupler with EMPOWER

Question asked by etakac on Jan 9, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2007 by JERRY_MARKETOS
I am trying to model a simple 20 dB coupler with EMPOWER.  I have modeled a hybrid coupler with EMPOWER and compared it with its linear simulation counterpart, and the agreement is good. There are differences, as would be expected between a linear model and an EM simulation, but all in all the agreement is pretty good. 

I have modeled a 20 dB directional coupler and was looking for the same type of correlation.  However, I am unable to get good agreement on S11 and S21, although it appears that S31 and S41 agree fairly well with the linear model.  I cannot see any setup errors in my file, and was wondering if you can help me in identifying the model problem. 

I have tried unsuccessfully to upload an example file.  This is the error message that popped up "Upload Error: Could not upload Attachment to ./files/252_1168406331.wsx".
Please provide an email address for me to send the file for review.

Your timely help would be appreciated.