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Incorrect marker ID of mixing products

Question asked by hhoffm on Dec 20, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2007 by rulonv
I am getting strange mixing product results. I have a simple circuit (I'll try attaching it, but I seem to be having trouble) that just has a source, a mixer, and an LO. I am just looking to see where mixing products fall for various frequency conversion schemes.
I seem to get outputs that are in the correct place, but the marker mis-identifies them. For example, a 7 by -8 is identified as 7 by -4, and a 2x-2 shows as 1 by -6. This happens when I scroll over the spur, but it gets stranger when I actually "click" for a marker--the text remains in the right spot, but the marker itself shifts... I am also pretty sure that the incorrect mixing product number can change (it's still wrong), but I am having trouble duplicating that. I also have a screen shot, just in case it works correctly on your machine(s), but I am having trouble uploading anything to this sight (might be a firewall issues on my side--don't know) I can email it, if need be.