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creating user's symbols

Question asked by mlabro on Dec 19, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2006 by MZachmann
I have difficulties to create my user's symbol.
I have found a video about 2005 which helped me but I have still some difficulties to understand the stuff (connections, grid,...).
In 2004.7 the IF transfo example was very nice, the bounding box very nice,...
In 2006, I don't know where to start, I must decrease the grid at 1mil and zoom very much to see the grid and finally I don't know where I am and my lines are awful,...
I have noticed that in 2006 several topics which were very well explained with examples have been replaced with only help files hard to understand.
It is the same for lib spice import. I was happy to see the 2005 video on your forum.

Could you describe a little bit how to achieve symbols as nice as your standard ones ? Can't you make a main red grid and a secundary one,... ?

!!! By the way, I think but not sure that move forward or to the front a line... has a bug. If you edit your opamp and click on the "+" to the back, it is impossible to put it to the front after that.

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