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Question asked by TSCUNIOVI on Oct 28, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2008 by genesys_support
Hi everybody,

I ran an ADS simulation that carries out a fifth order envelope simulation for all the values in a sweep.

When I open the data display window, I obtain the variables of the circuit as a function of 3 indices:


where v1 is the swept variable, t selects the different time instants calculated and f selects one harmonic component among those taken into account.

Now, what I'm interested in doing is to present the values of Vo, related to its values in a specific time instant.

For example, if we have 3 points in the sweep, namely v10, v11 and v12 and 4 time instats: t0, t1, t2 and t3, considering only the fundamental component f=1, Vo would be something like:

|Vo(v10,t0,1) Vo(v10,t1,1) Vo(v10,t2,1) Vo(v10,t3,1)|
|Vo(v11,t0,1) Vo(v11,t1,1) Vo(v11,t2,1) Vo(v11,t3,1)|
|Vo(v12,t0,1) Vo(v12,t1,1) Vo(v12,t2,1) Vo(v12,t3,1)|

What I'd like to represent in a figure is this same "matrix" but subtracting from each column its second column:


In MATLAB syntax, what I want to do would be something like:

aux=Vo(:,t1,1);    %second column of Vo
aux2=Vo*ones(1,4); %matrix whose columns are copies of aux.
Desired=Vo-aux2;  %desired matrix.

I've been unable to translate these operations into the ADS data display since the structure of Vo is not a usual matrix. Does anybody know how to do this?

Thanks in advance.