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Gerber export issues

Question asked by MARKW_SENSIS on Sep 8, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2008 by MARKW_SENSIS

While attempting to perform the final gerber export of my design I am encountering a number of problems:

1) Problem:
Genesys doesn't handle boxes with negative widths correctly.  (These worked fine in 2007.8 )  They are not displayed correctly on the screen, nor exported correctly when "resolve to polygons" is checked in the layout.
When resolve to polygons is not checked, they are exported correctly in the Gerber file but do not display correctly in Genesys.
I've revised all boxes I could find in my design with this issue to eliminate the negative widths.

2) Problem:
Solder mask for small surface mount parts is disappearing when I export Gerber files.
Parts which are loosing their solder mask are 0805 resistors from the SM782 library as well as many others.
Checking "resolve to polygons" fixes this issue.  (This problem is only occurring when resolve to polygons is not checked.)

3) Problem:
Text is being dropped from a number of layers during export.  
With "resolve to polygons" checked text is disappearing on the following layers:
bottom copper
With the "resolve to polygons" option unchecked text is disappearing on the following layers.
Top assembly
Top mask
Top metal
Top Silk

Possible workaround:
export some layers with "resolve to polygons" checked and others without it.

4) Issue:
I need to produce a solder paste file for this layout.
As far as I can tell, Genesys does not do this for me.
It would save a great deal of time if I could copy the solder mask negative to a paste layer and then manually delete certain elements.
Is there a simple way to do this?

I am previewing Gerber files with Pentalogix Viewmate 10.0.30, free edition as well as the Genesys Gerber viewer.
RS274X output type is selected in all cases.