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How to recover from a VI_ERROR_TMO timeout?

Question asked by emily on Apr 8, 2016
I'm using an MXA (N9020A), controlling remotely via GPIB.  
I'm setup with a  Video Trigger that will capture my signal when it appears. When I provide a signal in, this works fine.

I will have cases where no signal is applied, in which case the analyser displays the 'Waiting for trigger'.  
At this point, I cannot gain control of the analyser. 

Is there a command I can send that will cancel the waiting for trigger state?

I've tried to send various other commands , like Reset, Clear status and  Abort,  but all fail with the same timeout error.
My only options at this point seems to be 
1) apply an appropriate signal  
2) power cycle the analyser!
neither of which are acceptable to me.

Does anyone know any command that will allow me to recover from this state?