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33220 Unable to change Burst Mode -SOUR:BURS:STAT 0/1 via C

Question asked by vikram_u_k on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by vikram_u_k
Hi All,

I am using a 33220A which is interfaced using C# and Python.

For the Identifier/Endpoint-(), i am able to connect using this Python Script and C#.
The command in question - :SOUR:BURS:STAT 0/1- works on Python and on CommandExpert, however the same fails when run from C# Code attached 

In the Visual Studio example, the Application fails to change the Burst Mode and replies with error:

Error occured: Exception: Encountered system error(s)
-221,"Settings conflict; burst period increased to fit entire burst"

Is there something wrong with the Sequence of commands?.