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Harbec equations in DataSets

Question asked by mingal on Sep 29, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2006 by mingal
Refer to Mixer return loss...

I have been struggling to comprehend equations in DataSets. In particular, I have been puzzling over Sergey's additions to Mix1_SweepLO_Data and Mix1_SweepRF_Data.

->Is it necessary to locate the functions RetLossLO and RetLossRF in both DataSets? Why?

->To test my understanding I tried the following function in Mix1_SweepLO_Data:
Name: ILO
Formula: VLO/Z0
Independant Variable: Mix1_SweepLO_Data\\Eqns\\VarBlock\\Equation1_PLO_Swp

The function wouldn't compile unless I added a reference to Equation1, thus:
Formula: VLO/Equation1.Z0

Note that in Sergey's original definition of VLO...
Formula: =2*sqrt(2*dbmtow(PLO)*Z0)
" evidently was not necessary to point to Equation1. So I find myself in the discomfiting possession of a bunch of facts and very little understanding.[/b]

At this point, I feel almost too bewildered to even properly frame any questions. Nevertheless an attempt shall be made.

1. How is it that equation block variables must sometimes be 'scoped' but not always?
2. What are the 'scoping' rules?
3. Why are the large signal return loss functions for the LO and the RF ports inserted into two DataSets?

Respectfully submitted,

Mark W. Ingalls