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Demo Mode

Question asked by MORAWIETZ on Mar 3, 2006

Wouldn't it be a good idea, if Genesys would work in a kind of
Demo/Runtime /Student mode if no hardware dongle is applied.

E.g. limited number of orders in Synthesis, Save does not work or only
for small amount of nodes/components, limited functionality

Why I would appreciate it:

- collegues could run Genesys without claiming a license to only
  review your design

- if collegues "steal" the dongle to do their work while you are in a
  meeting or so, Genesys would not crash, like it does now.

- Is this a known situation for you: you just want to make a printout
  from your latest design, but your collegue borrowed the key 10 minutes

- students and hobbyists can do small designs on school or at home
  (they will like it and can convince their (later) boss to buy it,
and teh boss will be happy that they do not do this in his time)

- in presentations you could show what happens if you tune parameters    
  etc. in Genesys and not in boring static Powerpoint sheets, while your
  collegues at home can go on with their work.
  (the audience will like Genesys and can convince their boss to buy it)

- ...  (to be continued)

I think this could be a Win/Win for Customers and Agilent

-  Juergen -