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samples used as a custom source for eye diagram

Question asked by mlabro on Dec 15, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2007 by mlabro

1. I have (time, voltage) samples coming from a tektronix scope and I'd like to process them with a LP filter.

I have done it in a straightforward way in Linear Technology SwitcherCad3 free spice but I don't find the way in genesys/cayenne/spectrasys.

Could you please modify the \\examples\\equations\\eye diagram.wsx file
to use the dataset as a 50R custom source and drive a lowpass filter computed with Filter (7e-6 period on eye should be a 140KHz signal, so a 100KHz lp filter should be fine) and plot the eye diagram after the lp filter ?

Please explain how to do that.

2. Is it possible to plot the spectrum (fft ? blackman window ?) of the data signal before and after the lp filter, either in cayenne or in spectrasys ?

3. Are standard spice sources (sine, square,pwl,random pn sequence,...) now available in Cayenne ?

Thanks for help
Best regards