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vias block ports in EMPOWER

Question asked by MARKGOODBERLET on Jul 2, 2004
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2004 by MZachmann
One cannot place vias directly atop a part port in EMPOWER - doing so will block Z-directed currents resulting in unexpected simulation results.

This warning is given on page 33 of my EMPOWER manual but it is a common mistake - that I still make occasionally.  For example, when grounding the pin on a IC package, it is common to simply place a via CENTERED on the pin.  The via MUST be moved slightly off the pin center in order to get good EMPOWER results.

My complaint is that GENESYS does not flag this via-over-port problem with a warning or error message.   I think this is a serious omission.  The via-over-port problem so frustrated me in my early GENESYS days that I almost lost faith in the software.  I suspect it still trips up many new users and causes them to incorrectly conclude that EMPOWER is either too difficult or too unreliable to use.