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Information about TestLink - switching the GPIB interface

Question asked by zbrann on Feb 14, 2006
TestLink is an optional module available for purchase with the Genesys software suite.  The TestLink module links the program SoftPlot to the Genesys interface.  SoftPlot is third party software that facilitates the direct uplink of analyzer data to a user’s computer.  This third party software is installed automatically during the Genesys installation into a folder labeled TestLink in the main Genesys directory.

SoftPlot's third party status requires that TestLink be licensed separately from the other Genesys Modules.  It requires its own unique passcode independent from the license codes provided with a Genesys authorization (though the TestLink passcode is specific to the Hardware key for which it is issued).

Certain settings exist that can only be changed by entering SoftPlot independently of TestLink and Genesys.  

If the user wishes to change the GPIB interface used by TestLink (default - National Instruments GPIB) s/he must run SoftPlot directly from the TestLink folder.

In SoftPlot
-          From the edit menu, select GPIB card / Serial / LAN configuration
-          From here you can change the default GPIB interface

In the same TestLink directory as the SoftPlot executable there is a SoftPlot help file that may be useful for users who wish to make other changes from within the SoftPlot interface.