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Genesys Optimization with easy problem

Question asked by umekawa on Dec 14, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2006 by umekawa

Now I'm trying LCR parameter fitting to S-parameter given.
This technique is probably widely used in simulator world.
See attached workspace.

Reference S-parameter is Taiyo-Yuden's SMT capacitor in Genesys lib.
And I made equivalent circuit for this SMT cap (L-C-R serial resonator) and tried to make LCR fit to S-parameter using Genesy Optimization.
This should be easy problem. When I tried in ADS, ADS quickly gave the answer on it, on the other hand, Genesys couldn't solve it and continued optimization routine eternaly.

Is it Genesys optimizer's limit or my Genesys has someting wrong?
Please advise me.

Thanks in advance.