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Too Many Ports

Question asked by MARKGOODBERLET on Sep 3, 2003
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2003 by ROB_LEFEBVRE
This question is about how Genesys keeps track of "ports" for
a particular part - from .S2P file thru EM simulation.

Here's the story:
1) I have an packaged amplifier which is a 2-port device.  That
is, I can obtain an S-parameter file (.s2p) from the manufacturer.

2) In the Genesys SCHEMATIC, I identify the amplifier as a
LINEAR-TWO PORT (Block).  The Genesys SCHEMATIC symbol
I get looks like an amplifer (that's nice) but it has 3 ports!!  
OK - I don't panic because one port is supposed to be tied to
ground.   So now I'm back to 2 ports??

3) Now I create a LAYOUT in preparation for an EM simulation.
I find that I have to make a custom footprint for the amplifier which
comes in a 6-pin package ( IN, OUT, POWER and 3 grounds).
Part of the footprint design process is to place "port" numbers
on each of the six pins!   OK - now I'm really worried since
I have a 6-port package for a two port device.   -and then
there's that grounded third port from the schematic!!
-and the 6-pin package has 3 grounds!!!!    Panic time.

OK - I can sorta figure things out by seeing how components
in the SCHEMATIC window match up with components in the
LAYOUT window.   But how does the EM simulator reconcile the
fact that I have a 2-port description (.s2p file) for an apparent
6-port IC package?  - and what about all those grounds?