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2006.10 M/FILTER

Question asked by JKOUZO on Dec 6, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2006 by MZachmann
My questions relate to Slabline filters using M/FILTER.

M/FILTER designs these flters using only mm as units. If I desire another unit is there a simple conversion method available?

In my attempt to change the units in my Slabline design, I set the units in the of the coupled line window to Mils. Those values shown as numbers changed and those shown as variables changed UNITS but not values, without an error message. 

I note that the ground nodes retain their previous node number so all the grounds have different node numbers. If I connect two grounds with a wire, the will display the same node number. Is this intentional? Should not the grounds have node "0"?

When using Optomize, I find the Weighing seems to have no effect. Changing it from 1 to 1000 on one of the goals did not produce any change in the results. I was able to manually tune to better results.
Am I missing something?

Jack Kouzoujian